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Customer Service > Product Personalization

Product Personalization

Check Personalization:

When completing personalization for personal checks, it is best to have a sample check in front of you for reference. There are 2 areas to complete: Personal Information which appears in the upper left of your check, and Bank Information which encompasses a number of areas. Each is explained below.

Personal Information:

You may print up to 5 lines of personal information on your checks. You are required to complete First Name 1, Last Name 1, Address 1, City, State and Zip Code in this section.

There are 6 lines provided for check personalization, however only 5 lines will fit on the checks. Please complete only 5 of the lines provided.

Prefixes and middle names or initials may be included in the First Name field. (ex: Dr. James A.)

Suffixes may be included in the Last Name field. (ex: Williams, Jr.)

The "Other" line is typically used for information such as your phone number.

For security reasons, Message!Products recommends that you avoid from including your driver's license number on your checks.

For your protection and due to laws in several states, printing social security numbers on any material to be delivered by mail is no longer permitted.

Here are some samples of typical check personalization:

123 MAIN ST. STE 100
ANYWHERE, USA 12345-6789

123 MAIN ST. STE 100
ANYWHERE, USA 12345-6789

Bank and Account Information:

Account Open Date:
  This should be entered in the format mm/yy and must be a date in the past. The account open date is required in some states and by some banks. If it is included in your current checks, it is best to include it when placing your order. The account open date is printed to the right of the first name printed as personalization on your checks. 
*Routing Number:   Your routing number is always 9 digits and must begin with a 0, 1, 2 or 3. It is the first number in the MICR area at the bottom of your check. See the MICR line diagram below.
*Account Number:   You account number is all numeric but could beywhere from 6 to 19 digits. Enter this number without any special characters or spaces. This number appears at the bottom of your check in the micr area, either before or after the check number. See the MICR line diagram below.
*Starting Check Number:   Your starting check number can be up to 4 digits and must be greater than 100. The check number appears in both the upper right corner of your check and the micr area. See the MICR line diagram below.
Bank Name / Address:   Your bank's name must be printed on your checks. Refer to your existing checks to determine whether or not to include the bank address.
Check MICR Line Diagram:
Check MICR Line Diagram
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