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Customer Service > Address Verification

Address Verification

To ensure that all packages are delivered to valid addresses, Message!Products validates the delivery address you provide for your online orders by comparing it to a database of known addresses. This validation occurs during the Checkout process. Here are some typical Address Verification results and an explanation of how they will be handled:

Exact Match:
If we find an exact match, this process will be invisible to you as the user. If we do not find an exact match or find no match at all, you will be presented with options designed to ensure that as many orders as possible are delivered to a valid address.

Close, Acceptable Match:
Our Address Verification may find that your address does not exactly conform to postal standards, even though you have entered a valid address. Postal standards include the zip+4 and accurate abbreviations for words like Street (St.) or Avenue (Ave.). In this event we will standardize your shipping address but leave your check personalization exactly as you have entered it. You will not be presented with any options for updating the address.

Close, Unacceptable Match:
If Address Verification does not find an exact match but is able to locate what it thinks is your correct, standardized address, we will give you the option to use the standardized address. If you choose this, your check personalization, shipping and billing addresses will all be updated to the standardized address. If you decide to keep the address you have entered, Message!Products will not guarantee the safe delivery of your products.

No Match:
Sometimes Address Verification will find no match for the address entered. This could be because it is a brand new address. In this event you will be given options to either leave the address as you have entered it or return to the ordering process to correct it manually. If you decide to keep the address you have entered, Message!Products will not guarantee the safe delivery of your products.
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