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Customer Service > How To Use Quick Reorder

How To Use Quick Reorder

Message!Products' Quick Reorder process is designed to streamline the ordering process for customers who wish to reorder checks with no changes. It is a quick, 4 step checkout process with minimal need for input by the user. The steps and options for a quick reorder checkout are outlined below.

Step 1: Order Lookup
On this first page of the Quick Reorder process, you will enter your routing number, account number and home zip code so we can look up your previous order. If an order is found, you will proceed to Step 2. If we have problems locating your previous order, you may use our regular ordering process to order or call 1-866-460-0099 to order by phone.

Step 2: Order Review
Your Order Review shows the check design, quantity and description of the check in your last order. You can edit the quantity for your order. If you require no additional changes, you can click Submit to proceed to Step 3.
If you wish to change your check format or design, you can click on Edit Order. The Edit Order page allows you to select a different check format and/or checks design. When you are done making selections here, you will return to the Order Review page to continue with your order.

Step 3: Options and Shipping
On this page you can change your lettering style and starting check number (which has been calculated based on your previous order). If you ordered other options on your previous order (such as a cut, monogram or over signature text) they will be shown here but will not be editable. Our EZShield Check Fraud Protection Program® is available. If there is a matching checkbook cover available, it can be selected as well. You must select a shipping method and enter your phone number and email address. Then click Submit to proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Complete Order
This page includes a final summary of your order including a description of the products in your order, all prices and options, and your payment method. Payment for quick reorder is almost always done by drafting your checking account for the order total. In rare circumstances where banks do not allow us to draft the account, you will be asked to pay by credit card.
When you are sure everything is correct, press Complete Order to submit your Quick Reorder. You will receive an Order Acknowledgement page with your order summary. This page should be printed for your records. Shortly after your order is submitted, we will email you to confirm receipt of your order. The email will provide an order confirmation number which you can use to check Order Status on our site.
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